Proven: Real Engagement, Real Change, Real Outcomes

Created by digital health pioneer Jeff Arnold and world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, Sharecare is on a mission to provide a safe and secure experience to help people manage all their health in one place, whether they are a patient, employee, health plan member, or consumer. By simultaneously focusing on an individual’s wellness, illness and lifestyles, we help people understand the full story of their health. And with a foundation of science, we’ve been building, implementing and enhancing a scalable solution that does just that.

Want proof? Sharecare and external third-party researches have published numerous peer-reviewed articles and reports showing the value and effectiveness of our approach. And based on all of this research, we continue to innovate.

So as you review the findings in the pages that follow, gain confidence in knowing the proven value you seek, we deliver.