Sharecare Community Well-Being Index Overview, 2020 State Rankings Report

What is the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index?

The Community Well-Being Index is comprised of two distinct sets – The Well-Being Index and the Social Determinants of Health Index – that are brought together and weighted to form a single measure that can explain how the context of behaviors, perceptions, and environment can impact health and well-being. 

How is data collected for the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index?

For understanding individual and population-wide well-being, Sharecare and BUSPH partnered to collect over 450,000 surveys across all 50 states and the District of Columbia for our 2020 measure, including data collection across multiple digital platforms to align to state-based representation across demographic groups, including sex, racial and ethnic groups, and age bands. 

In order to contextualize social determinants of health, Sharecare and BUSPH leveraged our second-generation SDOHi measure, including context tied to access across food, healthcare, and resources, as well as economic security and infrastructure tied to housing and public transportation. Data for this measure is collected from a multitude of publicly available sources, and data is updated based on new data availability. 

Where can I get more detailed information on Sharecare Community Well-Being Index methods and data sources? 

For more detailed information on 2020 methods and data collection, please return to our site in the coming months for continual updates or reach out to us directly at cwbi@sharecare.com

How can I get access to Sharecare Community Well-Being Index data? 

Sharecare collaborates with researchers and academic groups on advancing our understanding of community well-being, nationally and regionally. In addition, we partner with commercial entities on data access and analyses that enable and enhance community intervention and health equity strategies. If you are interested in engaging across these data further, please reach out to us direct at cwbi@sharecare.com.